Gili Bidara, A Hidden Paradise in Lombok Island

Holiday is one of the important thing you need to do in order to refresh your mind and get new energy to continue your routines. Doing work and your busy activity everyday could be very stressful and boring, that’s why you have to get some fresh air and for a while about those hectic routines.

Lombok is the greatest escape for holiday. It has many spots that you can choose, especially with the beach and islets called Gili. Before, we have talked about Gili Nanggu at West Lombok, then now let’s talk about Gili Bidara, one small virgin island at East Lombok that not many people know about it.

Gili Bidara located at Labuhan Pandan, Sambelia, East Lombok. To reach the Gili, you need 2,5 hours time from Mataram and 2 hours from the airport. It might quite far but the beauty is worth it. You will see a very beautiful place that feels like your own island because not many people come to Gili Bidara. To really reach the Gili, you have to ride the boat to get there.

The main activities you can do at Gili Bidara ara Snorkeling and Diving since its underwater view is very amazing, people that had came to Gili Bidara always satisfied with the underwater view. You can see a beautiful coral reefs, many fishes including the clown fish and the starfish that rarely seen in other snorkeling spots. Gili Bidara has snorkeling spot with 1,5 – 3 meters depth. The water is very clear that you will enjoy your snorkeling so much.

Since this Gili is very quiet, you can’t find many facilities there, so better for you to prepare your own food and other needed first, before you go to the Gili. But its quiet is also the main point about Gili Bidara. It is perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the view, forget a moment about the busy and crowded in city. The tourist come to Gili Bidara also not much, like the other Gilis, like Gili Air, Trawangan and Meno. So, you can enjoy your time as long as you want without bothered by other people. That is why this Gili feels like your private place. You also can explore the whole side of the Gili only in 40 minutes since Gili Bidara is not a big island.

Gili Bidara serve you with a very beautiful view, not only its underwater. It is like the hidden paradise at Lombok. The clear water, white sand and blue sky, chill and quiet vibes, such a perfect combinations to find a peaceful feeling. You also can see the silhouette of Mount Rinjani from Gili Bidara. At the other side of the island, it also has a view like Savana. There are manys spots for relaxing and enjoying the view. Don’t forget to take the picture because this place should be very memorable place for you in Lombok.

After finish your trip at Gili Bidara, you can continue explore another Gilis, Gili Kondo and Petagen because they are located near to each other. If you want to have nice experience exploring Gili Bidara and other beautiful places at Lombok, book your trip package at Can Tours Lombok, we will serve you with the best trip at Lombok. You just enjoying your trip without need to bothered by other things, just focus on holiday. But if you only want to rent a vehicle to explore many spots by your self, just rent a car or bike at Evan Trans Lombok or Sewa Motor Lombok. They have the best service of rental at Lombok. Happy Holiday!

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