Spend Your Holiday at Kuta Mandalika Beach: The Exotic and Amazing View of Lombok Beach.

Lombok has long been known as one of the best tourism destination in Indonesia, its beauty make many people called Lombok as the second Bali. Lombok has many beautiful places that still natural and exotic. You can choose to climb the Mountain, go to the waterfall, or explore many beaches in Lombok. Beaches in Lombok are spread in all area of Lombok but one of the most famous one is Kuta Mandalika Beach, especially after the area of the beach been renovated as the part of Special Economic Zone of Lombok. The name of the beach was only Kuta but after it became the part of Special Economic Zone, the name changes into Kuta Mandalika.

Where is Kuta Mandalika Beach?

Kuta Mandalika Beach is located at the south area of Central Lombok. It is located at the village with the same name, which is Kuta Village. The area of Kuta Mandalika Beach is still the same area as any other beaches in Lombok, like Aan Beach, Seger Beach, and any others. So, once you visited Kuta Mandalika, you can also explore other good spots in the area.

It took around 30 minutes from the airport to arrive at Kuta Mandalika Beach. But you have to make sure that you had prepared your vehicle to go to the beach, because it is quite rare and hard to find a transportation that directly to the the Kuta Mandalika Beach from the airport. It is better for you to drive your own vehicle or just rent bike or car at Sewa Motor Lombok and Evan Trans Lombok. You can get delivery and pick up at the ariport. It will make your trip easier. While about the road to Kuta Mandalika, it has been renovated to give the satisfaction to the tourists, the road is smooth and safe. When you are close to the area of Kuta Mandalika Beach, at the left and right side of the road you will see coconut tress that and the trees that looks like in the Holywood area. Everything about the access and facilities has been improved and getting modern.

Activities You Can Do At Kuta Mandalika Beach

When you arrived at Kuta Mandalika Beach, there is a big name display of Kuta Mandalika, then you know you are there. If you spend your holiday at the beach with your family, especially your children, this is the right and best place for you. In the beach area has been provided a play ground facilities for children. Your kids will be happy to spend time there.

While for adult, you might interested to try some water sport there, they provide a Banana Boat, Wind Surfing, and water surfing. Those can challenge your adrenaline and give new experiences to you. It will be a good memory you spent at Lombok. Not only that, you also can see the beauty of Kuta Mandalika Beach through the paragliding. You can see the whole of Mandalika Beach with the area of 7.2 km.

If those activities above sounds too extreme for you, you can choose to ride a bike and go around the area of the beach by rent the bike there, it only cost IDR 30.000 per hour per bike. After did many activities at the beach, you don’t need to worry about meals because at the area of the beach, there are many food stalls that you can choose, whether you want to eat fro snacks, drinks, traditional Lombok food and any others. There are also mini market around there. So, there are many options that you can choose. Eating with your family while see the beauty of the beach will be a good memory.

Kuta Mandalika beach not only spoil you with the facilities, but it also has the amazing view, from the sea, sand and the reef. The sea is mix of blue and green color that meet the blue sky, it will show you a very amazing view. The water is very clean that you can see the sand under the water. The sand is white and there also with a black pepper form. The sand are in the form of small bead that made it looks so unique. This types of sand you can only find at Kuta Mandalika Beach. If you want to take a photo and capture your moment, Kuta Mandalika has many spots that you can use as the bakcground of the photos. On the sea, there are many stones and reef that become a favorite tourist to take a picture or just standing in front of the beach will still look pretty because the beach is beautiful already. In front of the beach, there are hills and one of them named Mandalika Hill. The green color of th hill appear in a rainy season while in a dry season, it turns brown and look so exotic. That also a good background of a picture.

With those many things you can do at Kuta Mandalika Beach, you only need to pay IDR 5.000 for the entrance ticket, but if you want to use the facilities, like the playground, banana boat and other things, you need to pay different for those. But if you just wanna sit and relax to see the beauty of the beach, it only cost an entrance ticket and parking fee. The parking area has been improved and is a big area for parking.

Kuta Mandalika also become the favorite places for people to spend their morning sport activities, like running and jogging, especially on Sunday morning. This area is quite crowded on Sunday Morning. The calm waves and soft breeze of the beach invites people to keep come to the beach.

The Story Behind the Name “Mandalika”

Mandalika is the name of princess in Lombok. Her story is the famous legend that has been told from generation to generation. That is the story of a princess who sacrifice her life to prevent Lombok from a war between one and other kingdom in Lombok. She was known as the most beautiful princess in Lombok and many princes from different kingdoms propose her. Since Princess Mandalika is a very wise woman, she decided to choose any of the prince, yet she decided to jump from the cliff to the ocean. Her body then transformed into a colorful sea worms that called “Nyale”. This story is the symbol of Lombok, every year the government held a festival to retell the spirit and story of Princess Mandalika. Therefore Princess Mandalika has became the icon of Lombok, that is why the beach then named “Kuta Mandalika Beach”.

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