Get Ready for The Lombok Moto GP 2021: The First Circuit with Panorama

Lombok has been been known as one of the paradise island in Indonesia, offering tourist such a beautiful nature, mountain, beach, hill, small islands called Gili, and many more. Lombok is not only amazed you with its view but also with its culture, from its tradition, food, traditional fabric and even the society of life. All of those cultures usually shown in an event, like “Bau Nyale Festival” and “Peresean” performance. But along with the modernization, Lombok keep developing and will attract you with something new in 2021.

In 2021 you will see Lombok more than just a tourism destination, but it will be the hosting place of the world class race, Moto GP 2021. This project has been issued in 2019 and within a year, it will finish and ready. Moto GP is the World Championship Road Racing that has existed since 1949 with over hundred thousand of spectators in each competition. Since that time, it always held a road racing all around the world with different hosting countries in every competition, but unfortunately it keeps appear with the same concept, which is the permanent circuit. The spectators or the fans of Moto GP have been in the same circuit concept every year but in 2021 there will be a big difference of the circuit in Lombok for the first time. Moto GP 2020 in Lombok provide you a very beautiful circuit, named The Mandalika Circuit, the name of the famous princess legend in Lombok.

Moto GP usually held in a permanent circuit in most of its competition in every country. There are only three street circuit from all and one of them now is being build in Lombok. This is a very unique circuit that can even be a real road after it was used as a circuit. Around the circuit, it was surrounded by the panorama of lagoons, solar power villages, golf course, urban and commercial areas, and the Indian Oceans. You can imagine how beautiful it is, there is no other circuit offer you the beauty like in Lombok island. In the left and right side of the circuit, there are coconut tress that give the green color, while the blue color appears from the Indian Ocean around it. Then you are not only get the world class road racing, but also the world class tourism destination because Lombok has been known as one of the biggest tourism destination in South East Asia.

The venue of Lombok Moto GP 2021 can house around 150.000 spectators and we are sure that you are interested to be one of them. With that high expected number of spectators, you don’t need to worry about your accommodation. As the circuit now being built, the tourism facilitation also being improved to give the maximum service for the tourists. Around the Mandalika circuit, thousand of resorts are being built with more than 10.000 luxury hotel rooms. The improvement also did at the airport for the pleasure and safety of tourists. The building of Mandalika circuit has been started since October 2019 and it is planned to finish in the mid of 2020.

Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and Vinci Construction Grand Projects (VGP), a construction company from France are working together to make the Mandalika circuit perfect and ready for the Moto GP 2021. West Nusa Tenggara government also provide the best facilities for the tourists. Every single effort has been made for the success of Indonesia Moto GP 2021. If you are interested to see your favorite racer in the Mandalika circuit, you have to wait till the opening of the pre order tickets which is planned on August 2020 after the scheduled is finish.

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