Buy A Unique Lombok Souvenirs and Learn to Make a Pottery at Banyumulek Pottery Village

When you visit Lombok, you have many option of places that you can visit, whether it is the view of the nature or a cultural visit. For the nature spots, Lombok offer you beaches, waterfall and mountain. While for the cultural tourism, you can visit some famous traditional villages at Lombok, like Sukarara Weaving Village, Sade Village and Banyumulek Pottery Village. In this article, we will tell you much information about Banyumulek Pottery Village, a recommended place to buy some souvenirs from Lombok for you or the people you love at home.

Banyumulek Pottery village located at Kediri, West Lombok, with 80% of its population are work as a potter. This village is not really far from Mataram City, you only need 15 minutes to reach this spot. While if you come from the airport, it takes around 30 minutes.

Arrived at the Village, you will find a welcoming gate written “Selamat Datang di Desa Banyumulek” which means “Welcome to Banyumulek Village”. In each side of the gate are being arranged big jar potteries, the symbol of Banyumulek as the pottery village. Majority of its people have work as the potter since 1990. Therefore, they have long experience in making a pottery hereditary from their parents.

The pottery environment will feel more and more when you enter the Village because the schools and offices in the left and right side of the road have a pottery in front of its building where they put the name of their school or offices. Also, there are much clay around you because the people make the pottery at their own places.

Since the majority of people in Banyumulek work as a potter, you can find many pottery shops or gallery at this village. You can choose the gallery that suited on you. While the products of the pottery are various. In the past, people made the pottery based on the function, so they made kettle, ashtray and any other that can be useful for our daily activities. But then when everything become more modern, potters at Banyumulek make various types of pottery for the furniture at Hotel, house and many more. The pottery made at Banyumulek. There are a big jar and other types of pottery. The motifs are also various.

The prices of the pottery based on the size, difficulties and the motifs of the pottery. The price started at 5000 to hundred of thousands. You can choose the products that you like and the price that is good for you.

In Banyumulek Pottery Village, you are not only can buy the products but you also can learn the pottery. The potter will teach you friendly the process of pottering. If you are interested to learn about pottering, the best time is at the morning before the break time of the worker. They usually take a break at 12:00 AM and stop the pottering. You also can bring home the pottery that you had made. Not only that, if you think that making a pottery is too hard, you may interested in painting the pottery. They have many pottery that you can paint as your style.

Coming to Banyumulek Village, you just need to prepare budget to buy the products because you don’t need to pay for the entrance ticket. It is free.

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