Enjoy Your Holiday and Relax Your Mind at “Benang Kelambu” Waterfall

Travelling is one of the thing you need in life to give a relaxation to your body and mind, refresh your mood, and recharge your energy. You can choose any types of destination. You can surf in the beach, climb the mountain, or just enjoy the fresh and cold water of the waterfall. You can find all those destinations in Lombok. But if you prefer a fresh vibes, cool air, no sun burning, cold and fresh water to swim, you can go to one of the famous waterfall in Lombok, namely “Benang Kelambu Waterfall”.

“Benang Kelambu Waterfall” is located at Central Lombok. More specific at Aiq Beriq Village, Part of North Batukliang. The mileage from Lombok International Airport to the spot is 55 km, it takes time around 1 hour to reach the location. But if you start your trip at Mataram (Capital City of West Nusa Tenggara), it only takes 45 minutes. You can go by driving a car or riding a bike. When you are getting close to Aiq Beriq, You will feel a fresh air, green view around the street and friendly people.

Arriving at the gate of the waterfall, you have to park your car and pay only IDR 5000 per car. While if you park the bike, you need to pay IDR 2000 per bike. After that you have to pay the entrance ticket IDR 5000 per each person. In order to arrived at the location of waterfall, you can choose whether you want to walk or riding a bike. If you walk, you will walk past a route like a forest with the big shady tree around you. From the gate to the forest, there are many food stalls that sell snacks and drinks for you. If you want to spend less budget, you need to prepare your own snack before you go the waterfall because the snacks that sold at the waterfall are are little bit pricey. You also have to keep a lots of water because you will walk for around 20 minutes with some climbs. But overall your hiking will be fun because the air is so cool and the view is beautiful, even you will find another waterfall before arrived at “Benang Kelambu Waterfall”, that is “Benang Setokel” Waterfall. Many people also drop at this waterfall to take a rest or take a picture because its view is as beautiful as “Benang Kelambu”.

If you feel like walking is not your option, you can choose to ride your bike to arrive at the post. You also can rent a rider to drop you off. The post is you pit stop and you have to continue by walking through the stairs. It won’t take more than 15 minutes to finally reach the waterfall. While walking, you will hear the sound of the water which signal you that you are getting closer. You will enjoy your walk and can find many spots to take a picture or selfies as much as you want. Then you will arrived at the “Benang Kelambu Waterfall.

You Can Take Many Pictures at “Benang Kelambu Waterfall”

The name of “Benang Kelambu” is come from Sasak¬†language. “Benang” means “thread” and “kelambu” means “curtain”. So, the name of “Benang Kelambu” means the “thread curtain”. This name was suitable to the view of the waterfall that looks like a curtain with the water as the thread. The waterfall shape in 4 tiers with the high around 44 metres. It flows directly from Mount Rinjani, therefore it s very fresh and cool. It flows through the bush in many spots. You are not only enjoy one waterfall but many of them spreading around like thread. You can stand under the waterfall and let the fresh water splash to your body or you can swim to the pool that has been made for the visitor. There are two pools, one for adult and other is for the children because the water is not too deep.

The visitors of “Benang Kelambu” waterfall come from local tourist or foreign country. They are all want to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall. Some choose to swim, others choose to enjoy the panorama.

“Benang Kelambu” waterfall is suitable for you to rest for a while after long weeks of work. You can come with your friend and family and do picnic here becuase people also rent the mat for the tourists if you want to spend your time at the waterfall by sitting while eating your snacks and gather around with your people. If you have kids, this place will be the perfect place for them because they can choose many spots to play around with the water. The nature and the air are so refreshing.

There is also a legend about the waterfall. Local people said that the waterfall is the bath location of the legendary sylph from Mount Rinjani. The name of that sylph is “Dewi Anjani”. The water is believed as the thread to cover Dewi Anjani when she bath at the waterfall. Her story is quite popular in Lombok and become hereditary from one generation to the next.

If you are interested to spend your time at “Benang Kelambu” waterfall along with other beautiful places in Lombok, you can book your package of our trip or you can rent car or bike to go just by yourself to explore Lombok more. Go visit Evan Trans Lombok and Sewa Motor Lombok for the best car and bike services. See You at Lombok!

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