Another Beautiful Gili at Lombok: Gili Nanggu

There are many Gilis in Lombok. Gili is the name for small islands, they are spreading in many areas of Lombok. The most famous Gilis are Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno at North Lombok, but there are also another Gilis with the same beuatiful view as those Gilis in North Lombok. The Gilis are Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis but we will focus on Gili Nanggu in this article.Gili Nanggu is one of the best spot for snorkeling activities, a very good place for holiday with friends and your family, especially with the kids. It will be great and fun experience.

Gili Nanggu is located at Sekotong, West Lombok, from the airport it will took around 1,5 hours but the road to the Gili won’t make you bored and tired because the view is very beautiful. Along the road there are many big green trees that make the air is cool. When you almost arrive at the location, you will see the beach on the side of the road that is so clean and beautiful. The best time to go to Gili Nanggu is on the Sunny season because the Sea and the sky is light and blue that make the view looks so amazing. But when you come in the Rainy season, the view will grey and cloudy, you also need to be more careful because the road might a little slippery.If you feel hungry in the middle of the way, you don’t need to worry because there are many food stall and mini market that you can find on your way. You might want to stop and buy some snacks and drinks.

Another thing that you should pay attention when go to Gili Nanggu is the road that is uphill, so you should be careful. But if you want to enjoy your holiday without bothered about driving a car, you can rent a car include the driver at Evan Trans Lombok or Sewa Motor Lombok. They have excellent drivers with many experience, they know the road very well and are very nice. After 1,5 hours on the way, you will finally arrived at Sekotong beach and you need to ride a boat to across to Gili Nanggu. It costr 350k/ 8 persons. Also, if you want to snorkel at the Gili, make sure you rent the snorkeling gear first. The gears are available for both, Adults and Kids. the people at Sekotong Beach provides everything you need for your best experience at Gili Nanggu. They also sell the breadcrumbs that you can use to feed the fish at the Gili. Just prepare the budget that you needed. But if you want to pay once to enjoy a trip to Gili Nanggu and other spots at Lombok, go book Can Tours Trip Package that will help you have a wonderful trip at Gili Nanggu and other place in Lombok. You only need to pay for the trip package and we will handle everything for your trip.

It took 20 minutes crossing to Gili Nanggu

On the boat, you can see a very beautiful view around you. Clean and blue sea, beautiful sky, another island on the other side and the view of some hills that just very perfect combination. Then 20 minutes later you will arrive at Gili Nanggu. Even when you nearly arrived, you could already see that 12,5 hectare beautiful island. The white sand and the Casuarina trees are the first thing that welcome you.

Arriving at Gili Nanggu, you can do many things but the main activity is snorkeling, explore the beautiful undersea panorama of the Gili. You don’t even need to dive too deep to see the fish since the water is very clean, you can see them easily. But if you want to see more, like seeing the coral reef. Doing snorkeling with your friends or kids must be a very fun holiday. You can also just spread the breadcrumbs that you had bought before and the fish will come to you.

Without snorkeling, you still can enjoy the beauty of Gili Nanggu, you could play in the water, swimming or just sit down enjoying your moment with a beautiful view around you. You also can do jogging at the Island since in Gili Nanggu had been provided a jogging track. The last thing and the most important one is take a picture. Since every spot in Gili Nanggu is very beautiful, you can take a picture or selfie and anywhere of the island.

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