A Must Visitted Spot at Lombok: Merese Hill

Travelling in Lombok will be such an amazing memory, but it won’t be that amazing if you don’t visit Merese Hill while you are in Lombok. Merese Hill is one of the popular and a “must-visitted” destination in Lombok because the view is amazing, especially to see the sun set and sun rise. It is Located at Southern of Lombok, still in Kuta area. So, on the road to reach this location, you will pass some beautiful beaches in South of Lombok, like Kuta beach, Tanjung Aan beach, and Seger beach. You can also visit them before or after you go to Merese hill. To get to Merese Hill from the airport, you will need 45 minutes, while if you stay at Mataram, the times needed will be 2 hours. But you don’t have to worry about the road, because the street is good to make the access to Kuta area easier and smooth.

Merese Hill is a beatiful hill with some mountainous shape and the beuaty of blue sea surrounding it. The best view of Merese Hill is after rain because the green color of the grass will looked so beautiful but when you come on a dry season is not bad too. The Hill will look so exotic with brown color and give you a different atmosphere. Both of them still looks nice in a picture.

When you arive at the area of Merese Hill, you need to pay for the parking fee for IDR 5000 to IDR 10000 for bike and car. Then you can start to climb the hill, it won’t take a long time, only 5 minutes and you will arrived at the top of the hill. The area is quite wide, you can explore many spots and all of them are very eye catching and photogenic where the beauty of the sky meet the sea on the top of the hill. You can see a high sea from this hill. You need 20 minutes to go around the hill. It is worth the beauty.

Two best times to visit Merese Hill are on Sunset and Sunrise. The golden sky in the sunset is really pretty and also the soft calm morning in the sun rise is worth your time waiting for it. But you will meet many other tourists if you come in these two times. If you want to visit on the day is also a nice options, the place will not be as crowded as the sun rise and sun set morning. Merese Hill will just as beautiful as it always be.

Sometimes when you are on the Merese Hill, you will see a herd of Buffalo being shepherded, but it won’t disturb your trip there. It could even be a nice shot for you who loves to take a picture. There is on place many people love to take a picture at the Merese Hill, a tree. There is only one tree on the Merese Hill that look aesthetic in a frame of camera.

People who visit Merese Hill come from various place, they are local people, people from outside Lombok and also foreign tourist from many countries. This place also become the favorite spot for the couple who want to take a pre wedding picture. This could be the best recommendation for you and your partner to capture a great moment in Lombok.

You also can do a simple picnic here with your friends or family. Gathering with the people you loved while enjoy the panorama around you, like waiting for the sun set. But don’t forget to keep everything clean because the rubbish won’t make Merese Hill as beautiful as it should be.

Not only see the beauty of the view from the hill, you may interested to play at the beach down the Merese Hill. The view of the beach is also amazing, the water is clean, it is recommended if you want to swim to give more to your trip. Book your trip now at Can Tours Lombok, you can visit Merese Hill and other amazing spots in Lombok.

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