Batu Bolong Temple: A Religious Tourism Destination with a Beautiful View of the Ocean

When you are going to Lombok, you will have many recommendation of places that you can visit. Enjoy the beauty of the nature or learn through the cultural and religious tourism, but if you can do both, why not? If you want to get a new experience in a trip by visiting a both religious and beautiful panorama destination, Batu Bolong Temple is the best option for you. It is a temple that was built on the top of the big stone in the coast side. Located at Dusun Batu Bolong, Batu Layar Village, West Lombok, this place is very near to Senggigi and Mataram area. It only took around 5 minutes from Senggigi and 20 minutes from Mataram, the capital city of West Nusa Tengara. You don’t need to worry if you will hard to find the location of the temple because it is located right beside the roadway, so you will see the temple easily while on the road. Also, the road to the temple is very nice that make the access is comfortable.

What is Batu Bolong Temple?

Batu Bolong temple is the worship place for Hindus People. Many Hindus People come to pray at the temple everyday, especially on the special day of Hinduism, more people will come. Therefore, this place is a very sacred place, so if you want to visit the inside of the temple, you will required to tie the scarf on your waist to respect the temple as the Holy and Worship place. The temple was built by an ascetic, named Dang Hyang Dwijendra in 1533 along with its effort on spreading Hinduism in Lombok Island. You will get more information about Hinduism history in Lombok if you visit the temple. This is a very nice destination for religious tourism and learn about tolerance as a human being.

The Meaning of the Name “Batu Bolong”

Batu Bolong means a hollow stone because the building of the temple was built on that hollow stone. The stone is very big and colored black. The hollow is also very big that it used as an access for the local people to walk through when they are looking for the firewood around. Since the hollow is very big, it almost looks like a cave. You can see closer to the hollow and take a picture there when the sea is in the low tide.

The Beautiful View at Batu Bolong Temple

Batu Bolong Temple is stand on the top of a stone. From there, you will see a beautiful view of the ocean around the temple. It stands directed to the Lombok Straight and Mount Agung Bali. Sit down while enjoying the panorama in front of you on the top is an amazing experience. The blown from the breeze and hearing the sound of the waves will make your trip to Batu Bolong temple be even greater, so perfect for a peaceful tour in a holy and sacred place. Also, don’t miss the sun set view from the temple. The color of the sky will change beautifully from blue to the beautiful orange then the Sun appears slowly under the sea.

Coming to Batu Bolong Temple, there is no entrance ticket, you just need to give a donation as sincerely as you can. So, you don’t need much budget to take a trip there, maybe just a little additional if you want to buy some foods or drinks at the food stall around the temple.

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