Sade Village: Get to Know More About Lombok Culture and “Sasak” Tribe

Doing a trip in Lombok will be perfect if you learn about the culture, especially the culture of Lombok Ethnic, Sasak tribe. They are the native people of Lombok. If you wanted to learn much about “Sasak” culture, you have some option of villages that you can visit and one of the most famous viillage is “Sade Village”. This village is located at Rembitan, Pujut Sub District, Central Lombok. It is in the south part of Central Lombok, the same area with some destination in Lombok, such as Aan and Seger Beach. So if you want to visit Sade Village, you also can visit another spots in this area. You can enjoy the beach at Aan and Seger Beach then learn much about Sasak tribe at Sade Village.

Sade Village has long been known as the tourism destination as West Nusa Tenggara Tourism Office has titled it in 1989. This title put in Sade Village because it has preserve the traditional culture of Sasak tribe until now even with modernization that happen to world. People in Sade still keep the traditional houses, clothes, fabric and their way of life. These uniqueness attract many tourist every year, both domestic and foreigner.

The distance from the airport to Sade Village are 11 km, so you only need 20 minutes to arrived at the Village, even will be closer if you stayed at Hotel at Kuta because they are at the same area. While if you start your trip from Mataram, it will be a bit longer, which is around 50 minutes. When you enter the area of Sade Village, there are no entrance ticket, you just give a donation as you want to give and write your name in the guest list book.

As the information that has been mentioned above that in Sade village, you will feel like in the past of Lombok because everything is still the same, like the houses. In Sade Village, there are 150 houses that was built with the same design like the past. The roof was made of coarse grass, the wall is made of the bamboo trees and the floor is made of the soil. Everything is natural. The houses even still standing the same after the earthquake once happened in Lombok on 2018.

The design of the house in Sade with a natural materials make the house feel more comfortable to be stayed in. It will feel cool in hot temperature on day and feel warm at night. There is a unique materials to clean the floor that was made of the soil. The people of Sade clean it by using a buffalo dung mixed with the husks and rice. This materials are effective to make the soil floor sturdier and clean. This also help to get rid of the mosquito. Even if it was cleaned with a dung, but it doesn’t left a bad smell or stinky after that. The floor just as clean as we use a modern floor cleaner liquid. If you are lucky, you can see the people of Sade cleaning that floor. They usually do that once in a week or if there a tradition event that will be held.

There are 700 people of Sade Village who still living in Sade. They live in that traditional house. The house in Sade was divided into three categories, based on its functions. There are “Bale Bonter”, “Bale Tani”, and “Bale Kodong”. Bales is the “Sasak” language of house. “Bale Bonter” is the house of the leader of people with authority in Sade Village. This house could also be a place for a traditional event. The next house is “Bale Tani”, Tani means farmer, so the house is the house of the farmer in Sade Village. The last house is “Bale Kodong”, a house for old people or for people who just got married.

In Sade, you are not only see the traditional house but also the traditional clothes and fabric of Sasak tribe. Some of the people in Sade still used traditional Sasak clothes named Lambung. It is like a crop shirt but the color is black. It crop fit to our stomach, that is why it was named “Lambung” which means stomach. You may see many old woman wearing “Lambung” while weaving a traditional “Sasak” fabric called Songket. There are many motifs and colors of the fabric that you can choose and buy as a souvenir. Not only but the fabric, you also can learn weaving it, the weaver will teach you patiently. They still used a traditional yarn spinner made of Wood.

There are many souvenirs that you can buy in Sade Village, not only the traditional handcraft fabric, but also bag and clothes that will remind you Lombok when you back home. If you want to walking around in Sade Village while get many information about the village and Sasak Culture, there are tour guides that will help you.

Sometimes, In Sade Village also show a traditional Sasak performance. Like “Peresean” and “Cupak Gurantang” performance. “Peresean” is the tratiditional martial art of Lombok. The fighet used “Penjalin” (cane) as a weapon and “Ende”, a shield made from cowhide or buffalo leather. While “Cupak Gurantang” is a story or legend from Lombok. Overall you have many activities that you can do at Sade Village. Last but not least, don’t forget to capture your memory in Sade by taking picture, there are many good spots for picture.

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