Visit Selong Hill at Sembalun, East Lombok

Going to Lombok is the best way for you to spend your holiday. Not only famous with the various beaches along the island, Lombok also has another views that you must see. Lombok has number of hills, like Selong Hill, Pergasingan Hill and Merese Hill, and any others. But this time, we will tell you about one hill located at Sembalun, that it Selong Hill. More specific, Selong Hill is located at Sembalun Lawang Village, Sembalun, East Lombok. It took aroun 3 hours from Mataram. Along the way, you will pass West Lombok and Central Lombok.

Sembalun has long known as the tourism place if you looking for a cold and chill temperature since this place is the hillside of the Rinjani Mountain. So if really want to feel the atmosphere of Rinjani but not sure with climbing, this could be the best option. There are many things that you can see at Sembalun, included the Selong Hill.

When you arrived at Sembalun Lawang Village, you need to pay for the entrance ticket first then take a walk for some minutes to reach the hill. In the middle of the way, there will a post where many people use it as a pit stop to rest for a while before they continue the walk. The name of the post is Pusuk Pass Sembalun. In this spot, the view is also amazing, you can capture a beautiful panorama before even arrived at the Selong Hill. After that you can continue your walk through a downhill. You have to prepare your energy to reach the Hill since the hill road are uphill, downhill and winding but it’s worth the view that you see from the beginning of your trip to Selong Hill.

After through the downhill, you will get through a bamboo forest and find a traditional Sasak tribe Village, namely Dusun Beleq that consist of 7 traditional houses. The wall was made from bamboo trees, the roof made from the coarse grass and the floor was made of the soil that was cleaned. Many tourist, from domestic and foreign Countries loves to take picture at the village because the architecture is still as same as the old Sasak house.

Finish capturing the moment at the village, you are closer to the Selong Hill, you just need to walk through the stairs for about 2 until 5 minutes and you will see the beauty of Selong Hill. The rice fields with the mixture of various green and brown color, from light to dark. While as the background is the landscape of the hill that is very beautiful. You can see the beauty of Sembalun from Selong Hill. Everything just seen in eye. The rice fields so neat in the round shapes.

If you want to get a total beautiful view, you have to come on December-April because the it is the rainy season, so the view will be green and fertile. While if you come in a dry season on July to August, you might see a yellow and brown color dominated the hill. But it still beautiful. While for the time, you better go in the morning or at afternoon around 4 PM when it is not too hot from the sun.

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