Vila Hantu: The Best Spot to See the Sun Set in Lombok

There are many spots for travelling in Lombok. The beaches, waterfalls and the cultural villages, each of them is beautiful and has a unique story behind. People love to spend time at Beach when they visit Lombok, enjoy the sunset and sun rise but you might want to see a beautiful sun set from a cliff that give you a wide panorama of Setangi beach. You can see that view at Villa Hantu. If you translate Villa Hantu into English, the name will be quite scary, which is “Ghosted Villa” but the fact is the Villa is not scary at all. It is just the popular name given by the local people in Lombok, the young people. Since it was given that name, this Villa became very famous and many people visiting this place everyday, it could even hundred people in one day.

This villa is located near Senggigi. It is on Dusun Setangi, Malaka Village, West Pemenang, North Lombok, 2 km from Sengigi, so you just need a short time to arrive at Vila Hantu. The Villa is located right beside the main road, it will easy to find it then. So when you come and spend your time at Sengigi, just come and visit Vila Hantu also, the view will impress you. Many people from Mataram, East Lombok and any other area also intentionally visit this place because they want to see the beautiful view behind the Villa and they are satisfied with what they see and capture.

The building of the Villa is like any other abandoned old house that half unfinished. It was built years ago and had a permit case with the government, then the construction has stopped since that time and turns out being a tourism destination until now with different domestic and foreign visitor come each day. This Villa was painted with a Mural arts, consist of three floors and stand alone on the cliff, this is the point of its attractiveness, seeing the view from the cliff that directed to the beach.

Coming to the Villa, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket, you just need to pay a parking fee and if you wanna enjoy the moment while eating some snacks or drinking, there are stalls who sell snacks and drinks for you. You can see the view from the any floor that you want but the most favorite place is on the roof because the view is more incredible from there. In order to come to the roof, there is a ladder from bamboo provided for visitors.

On the roof, you can see the wide blue sea and the white sand with the background of hills in Lombok, along beside the beach are the coconut trees that make it look more beautiful. If the weather is good, you can even see a sunset with Mount Agung background. Just make sure that you capture every moment and take your photos at this Villa. It will look good on your Instagram Feed or just in your gallery. Since the place is a free destination, you can spend your time as long as you want.

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